Reasons Why Vehicle Buyers Choose a New Peugeot SUV

The new Peugeot 3008 is a crossover sport utility vehicle that experts say is significantly improved over the previous model. It has a more stylish exterior and a higher-quality interior featuring more of the latest technology. The size and smooth ride help make it an excellent family car, which makes sense because parents of young kids make up a big portion of SUV buyers.

Consumers who choose this particular model are likely to be relatively well-off and to live in a suburb or the outskirts of a metro area. They like the SUV for their daily commute since the size is beneficial for safety even if the fuel economy isn’t up there with that of a small sedan.

Plenty of Room

What are some of the main reasons people choose sport utility vehicles over sedans, pickup trucks, and minivans? A primary reason is that they need plenty of passenger space and room for everyone’s stuff. Maybe this is a family with a few kids who need to haul hockey gear or big musical instruments, for example. Maybe Mom and Dad like to go to auctions with friends and relatives, bringing back a big pile of new belongings every time.


The higher suspension and bigger size make SUVs feel safer on the road. Perhaps the owner previously used to tool around town in a subcompact car or small sedan, always feeling like he or she couldn’t see around the trucks and SUVs alongside. In regions with significant snowfall, an SUV can add to that sense of safe driving.


Owners may need to tow equipment such as a camper, boat, or trailer to haul snowmobiles or all-terrain vehicles. If drivers need room for several passengers, pickup trucks aren’t suitable.

A Sense of Luxury

For someone who needs a big, roomy vehicle that can handle towing and doesn’t have difficulty traveling through snow, SUVs are some of the most attractive options on the market. Many people feel a sense of luxury while riding in an SUV compared with a pickup truck or a van. With comfy seating, lots of interior space, and numerous higher-end features, this Peugeot model can be hard for other vehicles to compete with.